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It’s going to be an EPIC year!

Internationally renowned bike care brand Squirt Cycling Products becomes Official Bicycle Care Product supplier to the Epic Series and its global portfolio of best-in-class mountain bike stage races.

The Epic Series and Squirt Cycling Products today announced a multi-year deal wherein Squirt Cycling Products increases its involvement with the Epic Series and becomes the Official Bicycle Care Products to the Epic Series and its global portfolio of class-leading mountain bike stage races.

Squirt Cycling Products has been involved with the Epic Series since 2010 through their partnership with the FNB Wines2Whales. In 2018, Squirt Cycling Products increased their involvement in the Epic Series by partnering with the Swiss Epic and then in 2019, the partnership was extended to the pinnacle event, the Absa Cape Epic.

Squirt Cycling Products’ wax-based Squirt Chain Lube, Biodegradable Bike Cleaner, Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant, and Squirt Barrier Balm have long been a favourite of mountain bikers across the world thanks to the brand’s distribution in 42 countries, sustainable approach to products and production, and their proven history of success.

“The IRONMAN®️ Group is excited to partner with Squirt Cycling Products as the brand is already globally recognised for their high-quality product and commitment to sustainability and biodegradability,” explained Matt Wikstrom, Chief Partnership Officer at The IRONMAN®️ Group. “Squirt’s products have been tried and tested in the harshest conditions during the Epic Series races in Africa and they have always stood up to the challenges at hand. I look forward to welcoming Squirt Cycling Products to the entire Epic Series.”

As Official Bicycle Care Product supplier to the entire Epic Series, Squirt Cycling Products will offer complimentary bike washes after each stage, pre- and mid-stage chain lube stations to keep drivetrains running smooth, and Barrier Balm samples for all teams.

“Squirt Cycling Products is excited to once again be the Official Bicycle Care Product supplier to the 2022 Absa Cape Epic and the entire Epic Series,” explained Danie Van Wyk, Director Squirt Cycling Products. “We will be providing premium quality environmentally friendly products in line with our, and the Epic Series’ ethos of sustainability and care for the communities and environment we play in.”

Teams that raced the 2021 Absa Cape Epic, which featured scorching heat and torrential rains, reaped the full benefits of Squirt Cycling Products’ presence at the race, While the 2021 Absa Cape Epic field was, roughly, half of what it would be in a Covid-19-free year, 4 562 litres of concentrated Squirt Biodegradable BikeCleaner was used to keep machines clean, and 432 litres of Squirt Chain Lube was applied at water points alone.

“The Epic Series races take place in the most iconic regions that the world has to offer, and we strive to leave the trails and regions in as perfect condition as before the event arrived,” explained Kati Csak, Epic Series Senior Director of Global MTB. “Squirt Cycling Products’ dedication to recyclable and reusable packaging and the fact that their products are all biodegradable aligns perfectly with our mission of offering world-class experiences with little to no negative impact on the environment and I am excited to have them onboard across the global Epic Series.”

To view the races within the Epic Series, please visit https://epic-series.com/.