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Replacement E-Teeth for our E-Ring

The cSixx E-Ring is proudly designed, refined and manufactured in our machine shop in Cape Town. CNC machines offer near-perfect accuracy which is why we chose this manufacturing process for our chainrings. 

The E-Ring offers structural superiority and higher levels of precision. We have designed the E-Ring teeth to be replaceable. Replaceable teeth allow for cost-effective maintenance and trying out different chainring sizes. 

(Changing the teeth is not a mid-ride option and we recommend having your local bike shop assist you.)

The E-Ring Teeth are made from the hardest-wearing aluminium – 7 Series aluminium. The E-Ring Carrier is made from 6 Series aluminium and there are different offsets available. 

(If you have a chipped E-Bike, a wider offset can help with more clearance for a bigger tooth count)

The overall result is a stronger, quieter, more efficient and longer-lasting e-ring and carrier to keep you rolling. 

100% made in South Africa.  

Updated with Mud-release channels and compatible with 12 speed and T-Top.

Please note that Custom colours are not returnable. 

Material 7075-T6 aluminium
Finish Silver
Chain Compatibility 10 • 11 • 12 speed • T-Top
E-Ring Compatibility Compatible with all E-Ring models
Availability 32T • 34T • 36T • 38T • 40T

Rund 32T, Rund 34T, Rund 36T, Rund 38T, Oval 32T, Oval 34T, Oval 36T, Oval 38T

cSixx Bosch e-bike framklinga - Rund 36T
cSixx e-bike framklinga tänder
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