GebioMized Valid


When it gets a little rough and bumpy on the bike, it’s all about that extra bit of comfort. Where “rough and bumpy” means gravel and “extra bit of comfort” means gebioMized Valid. We developed this saddle for cyclists with a certain thirst for adventure on their gravel bike. Be it on a fast ride in the afternoon or an epic bikepacking trip, Valid got you covered. One key to that is his special superpower: those shiny new damping elements we implemented into the shell. As our Area and Sleak saddles, Valid also comes in two different shapes and versions, so every rider will find their perfect match. Ideally with the experienced support of their local bike fitter


Loading Types

Personal anatomy and riding position define the contact between saddle and cyclist. Thus, riders who predominantly stress the ischial area (picture left) load the saddle differently than those who ride with the load mainly on the pubic area. Accordingly, different sitting types place special demands on their saddles. Requirements that we fulfil with our gebioMized saddle shapes.


    • Shell
      Composition of
      Carbon and Nylon
    • Foam
      Super-Light foam in
      pressure optimized density
    • Rails

    245 x 150 mm (Channel)
    245 x 140 mm (Cut-Out)


    from approximately 245 g


140mm channel, 140mm cut out, 150mm channel, 150mm cut out

GebioMized Valid
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