cSixx Dropper lever


cSixx Dropper lever

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When you are slapping the saddle down almost as often as changing gears you want to ensure that you have a sharp actuation with no hesitation or doubt in your mind that it won’t lower out of the way.

We have tried and tested almost all the levers on the market, integrating what we liked into ours and found solutions to issues that we had with others.
Our main areas of focus were primarily the lever feel and secondly ease of use/fitment.

Please note that Custom colors are not returnable.

Responsive Feel
Design to eliminate cable slack and ensure direct actuation

Cable Routing 
Intuitive cable routing for ease of installation.

Material & Hardware
CNC machined aluminium construction with an oversized pivot bearing adds a combination of rigidity and a smooth feel to your ride.

Barrel Adjuster
Fine-tune to achieve your desired actuation point.

Mounting Options
Can be mounted to SRAM Matchmaker or our optional bar clamp.


A CNC machined Body and Lever are attached together with a MAX Bearing and XL Chainring bolt.

We have added an Extra Long adjustment screw to take up any slack, even if installed badly at the bottom of the post.
This allows you to fine-tune the bite point and keep it there with the double locking mechanism.

There is a cable guide that allows for super easy installation and hides the end neatly, out of sight behind the lever.

Mounting Options

We designed the body to be SRAM Matchmaker compatible as it is the most versatile standard.
Additionally to that, we have made a bar clamp for riders not running SRAM brakes.

These 2 mounting options should allow anyone to fit our lever to their bars.

We will be making adapters later down the line for all types of other brakes on the market like Shimano, Magura, Hope, and others.
These will get made in priority of the number of requests we get – so drop us a message.

All will be cross-compatible and the only item you will need to purchase is a small adapter.


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cSixx Dropper lever
cSixx Dropper lever
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