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Spännande nyheter från Squirt!

Nyheter från Squirt Lube

The popularity of e-bikes is unyielding and the low impact they have on the environment, is even more attractive.

“Today every one out of four bicycles sold in Germany is an electric bike” (J.W. van Schaik:2019).

“In the Netherlands the e-bike sales have grown by 44% in the first quarter of 2019. Germany’s e-bike market grew by 37% in the first half of 2019, where 920 000 e-bikes were sold which is almost the same number of the total sales in 2018 (J.Oortwijn:2019)”.

Due to the growth in popularity of e-bikes, the UCI integrated an e-Mtb category into the UCI Regulations. On 28 August 2019, the first ever UCI e-MTB World Championships took place which attracted former World- and Olympic MTB champions

Nyheter från Squirt Lube
Nyheter från Squirt Lube!

After extensive testing by Bart Brentjens (CST Sandd Bafang MTB Racing Team) and Julien Absalon (Absolute Absalon Team), Squirt Cycling Products proudly introduces the new Squirt e-bike Chain Wax.

E-bikes place higher demands on their drivetrains than standard bicycles, due to higher torque loads and power outputs.This means that e-bike chains experience higher rates of wear. Squirt e-bike Chain Wax was specifically developed to meet these demands and negate the higher rates of wear.

Squirt e-bike Chain Wax uses the same proven and trusted, biodegradable wax/water emulsion technology as normal Squirt Chain Lube and is fortified with specialized high-pressure friction modifiers.The new Squirt e-Bike Chain Wax is slightly more slick than normal Squirt Chain Lube, which will stand up to higher torque pressure and will last longer in wet riding conditions.

Nyheter från Squirt Lube!
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Nytt och förbättrat Sahmurai Sword v2.0

Sahmurai Sword 2.0

Det smarta lagningsverktyget Sahmurai Sword har kommit ut med en ny förbättrad version. Med det nya fästningssystemet sitter “svärdet” fast bättre i styret och ramlar inte lika lätt ur styret. Det mjuka materialet gör också att det passar i fler olika styren och håller tätare vilket gör att pluggen skyddas bättre mot vatten och luft, vilket gör att den håller längre om du inte får punkteringar och behöver använda det.

Så här skriver Sahmurai Sword på sin hemsida:


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Ny tätningsvätska från Squirt


Squirt Cycling Products® is proud to announce the launch of Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock®, a tyre sealant for both tubed and tubeless wheels, which provides superior puncture sealing properties while boasting a long lifespan and environmentally non-hazardous formulation. Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant with BeadBlock® has been extensively field tested in the harshest conditions, including at the Absa Cape Epic, and has proven to seal punctures from objects with a 6mm diameter (Squirt Sealant with BeadBlock®).

It is formulated for not only mountain bike tyres, but also gravel and road tyres.

See the link to Bike Hub SA here:

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Squirt lube lanserar nytt utseende!


Idag lanserades Squirt lubes nya etiketter i Sydafrika! Vi tycker att det blev riktigt snyggt och ser fram emot att få hem dessa varor till Sverige, Norge och Finland till våren 2018. Vi har fortfarande en del produkter kvar med de nuvarande etiketterna så de kommer fortfarande att synas runtom i landet. Innehållet är fortfarande detsamma, för varför ändra på den bästa produkten? 😉